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Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty

Many moons ago when I was blogging regularly, I signed up to participate in Blog Action Day. It's an even where blogger all agree to focus on a single issue for one day, to create awarness and drive conversation. This year's topic is Poverty.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything too profound to say, so I thought I'd point to a series of articles by one of my favorite bloggers, real live preacher. He's a real live preacher (would you imagine?) with a great voice and an interesting point of view. He also puts his time and money where his mouth is. This series of articles details his trip with Edge Outreach, an organization who works to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. Gordon (his real name) took a trip with them, installing water purification systems in the Dominican Republic. Amazingly, to me, they needed to install a system in a hospital of all places, which didn't have pure water!

It's truly astonishing how many things can be so easily taken for granted.

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