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I was in google reader this morning, and thought it might be fun to go through my massive list of feeds and highlight my favorites. I’ve got 178 feeds total, although a large chunk are inactive or dormant (like mine is most of the time), so I’ll probably break this into series of posts. Based on my blogging record, this will take three years to complete. ;)

Presented in no particular order:

  • John Resig

    Creator of jQuery and consumate javascript hacker.

  • Tim Bray’s Ongoing

    Former Sun employee, now Google Android advocate, Tim has some good content. His older posts about the WideFinder project were really neat… trying to find which environments made it easiest to take advantage of multiple cores for simple programming tasks.

  • Phil Vischer

    Creator of Veggie Tales, his old series of posts about the rise and fall of his company, Big Idea, is a great read.

  • Scripting.com - Dave Winer

    Dave is smart, opinionated, and always interesting.

  • AlBlue's Blog

    Thoughts on Java, XML, Mac and random other topics from time to time. Currently doing a neat series on git.

  • Amazon Web Service’s Blog

    Great source of news about all of amazon’s aws services.

  • Joe Gregorio’s BitWorking

    Joe’s a Googler how posts great tidbits. Funny graphs, info about new google apis, general tech commentary and development advice.

  • Cool Tools

    Just what the title says. A blog about cool tools. It’s why I have a Skeletool.

  • Eigenclass

    This guy is way too smart for me. I have no idea how it ended up in my list, but I enjoy his data-heavy discussion about optimizing algorithms. I think maybe it was this post about benchmarking markdown processors that first led me there.

  • Flagrant Badassery

    Steven Levithan co-wrote an O’Reilly book on regular expressions, and his blog archives are filled with great articles about regex and javascript.

  • FreelanceSwitch

    A great blog with varied topics of interest to those running their own freelance business. This site and their forums were of great help to me when I started out on my own.

  • Headius

    A core jruby developer, Charles makes some great posts about the ruby, the jvm, and other topics.

  • ThinkGeek - What’s new

    Who doesn’t want to know about all the cool new geekery to buy?

  • KoL Developer’s Feed

    This one is a bit narcissistic, a feed of forum posts by the developers of KoL. I like to see if I accidentally said something really stupid yesterday.

  • Elder Game

    Eric regularly has great posts about games, game design and community management. This post, Taming the Forum Tiger, is a great example.

  • XKCD

    Great comic, great feed (full comic is in the feed.)

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