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Link Attack III

How to Get a Lot Done – 7 Tips to Achieve More
This veers a bit from my normal posts, but was a great read. If you have goals, big or small, and feel like you aren't reaching them, give this a read. The author certainly knows what he's talking about, being a world-travelling, company-starting, web-designing entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Query String to Object via regex
This is from remy sharp's blog. This is a great example of the wonderful tidbits he doles out in helpful posts on this blog. Lots of great jQuery, regex and Javascript “magic”.

Sun T2000
Sun T2000

Deep Profiling jQuery Apps
John Resig does it again, releasing another awesome project. This adds profiling into the callstack of a page utilizing jQuery. It goes much deeper that the profiling capabilities of firebug, and will be a great help if you have a heavy client-side app using jQuery.

Wide Finder 2
Tim Bray is running a second edition of his Wide Finder project. The basic premise is that taking advantage of the multiple processors available in modern day powerhouse boxes should be easier. He provided a fairly trivial application in ruby (72 lines to process gigs of log files for counts and top visited pages). He then ran it (in 23 hours) for a benchmark on an 8-core, 32-thread Sun T2000.

He's since given out accounts to a handful of others who had code to test on the box and provided some preliminary results. As you'll see… OCaml apparently rocks, with results coming in at under 10 minutes and less than twice the code footprint of the original. It's certainly an interesting project to follow.

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