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I've been hosting a virtual private server with Linode for roughly 7 months and I must say, I've been incredibly happy. My happiness was magnified recently, when they added a Newark, NJ facility to their list of locations. Previously, I had been hosted in their Fremont, CA datacenter. While it was perfectly adequate, the difference in ping times and throughput that came from being on the same coast made for a compelling case, and I migrated this server.

This is where Linode really shines. I logged into my admin console, and submitted a support ticket asking to migrate. Next, I hopped over to their DNS manager (DNS hosting is provided free with a linode account) and cranked the TTL of all my DNS records down to 1 hour. While I was still doing that (at roughly 12:30AM EST), one of the staff had configured my migration and responded with my new IP.

After waiting a day or two for the ne TTL to propogate, it was time to move. I updated a few IP specific config files, made sure everything was in order and shut down. I followed the “you have a migration pending” link in the linode admin console, and initiated the transfer. The wonderful AJAX admin console kept me updated about the transfer of my disk images. I added a boot job to the end of the queue and went to bed.

Unfortunately, here's where I screwed up. Linodes bit went perfectly, the images moved over and the server booted. Unfortunately, I hadn't cleaned up /etc/udev/rules.d/ and my virtual Xen nic got assigned to eth1 because of the new MAC address. This meant that dhclient failed to get me my shiny new IP.

Fast forward to the morning, I discover the server isn't up. I immediately ssh to the LISH console… which is an account on the Xen host which allows attaching to the server console, scheduling boot jobs and troubleshooting a server with network issues. After a bit of fumbling around, I hopped onto #linode and asked for help:

08:58 -!- cdmoyer [~cdmoyer@cpe-76-180-99-185.buffalo.res.rr.com] has joined #linode

08:59 < cdmoyer> Hmm, eth0 disappeared after migration?  doh.

08:59 < caker> cdmoyer: blame udev

09:00 < caker> cdmoyer: remove /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and/or /etc/iftab, restart networking

09:03 < cdmoyer> ah, awesome, thanks caker.

09:04 -!- CDMoyer_ [~cmoyer@] has joined #linode

09:04 -!- cdmoyer [~cdmoyer@cpe-76-180-99-185.buffalo.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: cdmoyer]

09:05 -!- CDMoyer_ is now known as CDMoyer

09:05 < caker> CDMoyer: woot

09:05 < CDMoyer> Being on the same coast as my linode is very nice.

09:05 < CDMoyer> 1/3 the ping and 80% faster transfer. ;)

09:06 < tasaro> that's because I put red pinstripes on your IPz

09:06 < scott> racing stripes

09:06 < StevenK> Because red VPSes go faster

09:06 < scott> 1/3 the bling though

09:06 < CDMoyer> awesome.  i'm ordering the next linode with a spoiler, too.

(caker and tasaro are linode staff, and in that chat log, perfectly demonstrate the knowledge, responsiveness, helpfulness and sense of humor of the company)

For the record, I've got a Linode 540. $30/month, 15G storage, 540M ram and 300G transfer. Their base plan is $20/month and provides 360M ram, 10G storage and 200G transfer. Also, for the record, they don't have a referral plan. ;)

In case you missed it, it's linode.com

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