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TinyDB, Toy Framework and jQuery Plugin

TinyDB is an interesting take on “cloud storage.” Basically, you send some data via GET, they give you a URL, your data is stored in that URL. It's not private and it doesn't store a lot of information, but it has some interesting possibilities.

I think a good use for these sort of things, will be quick-built client-side only content dumpage. You go to “twitter-overload.com” type in a larger than 140 character message and hit save. JavaScript bundles up your data, stores it in TinyDB and hands you back a URL which will reload that data from TinyDB and display it. You take that url and post it to twitter. (Yes, I know that services like this exist, but the idea of doing it entirely client-side is interesting.)

TinyDB Toys is a simple proof of this concept. Here's a TinyDB Toy URL with some embedded data.

To facilitate this, I wrote a jQuery plugin, jQuery.tinydb. The two methods are documented within the source.

Drop me a comment if you hack up something cool with this.

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