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10 Observations in one day with my Kindle

Freshly Opened Kindle
Freshly Opened Kindle

On Monday or Tuesday, the Kindle started showing up as in-stock and shipping at Amazon. Having read numerous blog posts about it, I took the plunge and ordered it with free 2-day shipping. It arrived Friday, and I've been playing with it quite a bit.

  1. The terms of use for the wireless make it very clear that Amazon reserves the right to modify or shut off the service at any point.
  2. While the bland white design didn't appeal to me online, in real life it's nice. It just seems to get out of the way, letting you focus on the content.
  3. I wasn't sure at the time I purchased, but it does come with a nicely designed protective jacket.
  4. I'm sure this is the norm with modern e-book readers, but the screen is incredibly comfortable for reading. The claims of “electronic paper” are pretty accurate.
  5. Before it even arrives, Amazon adds “send to my kindle” and “send preview to my kindle” links for all books with kindle editions. I sent several previews on Thursday, it arrived Friday… I turned it on, registered it, and had content on the device a few minutes later.
  6. While not full-featured, the browser is more than adequate for mobile gmail, mobile google reader (they aren't getting me to pay for blogs) and some light surfing. Reading the web in black-and-white is an interesting experience.
  7. I'm torn about the magazines. I subscribed to Fortune and compared to the hard-copy I read through at my dad's house it's a bit lacking. This is primarily because the kindle edition is missing all the photos. But it's convenient, decent content, and I think I'll probably keep the subscription.
  8. Two “next page” buttons, large and well placed, make it comfortable to read in a variety of positions. It's a tad heavier than a paperback, but certainly lighter and more conventient than a hardcover.
  9. The convenience of sending documents for conversion seems worth the 10 cent charge to me, when I weighed the annoyance of getting out the cable and hooking it up and futzing around. (Perhaps I'll break down later and do some bulk conversion)
  10. Amazon makes it very, very (dangerously) easy to buy content. The free previews (which seem to be in the 2-4 chapters) are enough to get you hooked… and then that “buy now” link appears at the end, making the full book a click away.

(Check out the kindle or see what's on my kindle at my Amazon store.)

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