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Link Attack II

Screenshot of MikeOS

If you like to read code, this is the OS for you. It's a simple 16-bit OS written with the goal of demonstrating the basics of OS development. I'm not much of an assembly programmer (at all), but I was able to grab the tarball and read through, and learn a few tidbits right off the bat. Oh, and it's got tetris. ;)

Jones Forth
Similar to MikeOS, Jones Forth is a wonderfully literate implementation of a FORTH compiler. You can just jump right to the source file and start learning. To quote the author:

FORTH is one of those alien languages which most working programmers regard in the same way as Haskell, LISP, and so on. Something so strange that they'd rather any thoughts of it just go away so they can get on with writing this paying code. But that's wrong and if you care at all about programming then you should at least understand all these languages, even if you will never use them.

Three Small Javascript Libraries
A good post by Oliver Steele, describing three interesting libraries that really flex a bit of javscript, beyond the everyday DOM manipulation. Fluently – which allows you to easily create “chainable methods” (ala jQuery), MOP JS – which allows for some slick metaprogramming around asynchronous calls, and Collections JS – implements some nice utilities for collections.

TaffyDB – A Javascript DB
At first, my reaction to this was ,“Why?!” But then I mulled it over a bit more. I can see quite a few uses for this, especially in this modern era of “never reload the page.” I'm envisioning stateful browser apps neatly keeping their state, and transacting with the servide data store through tidy little JSON snippets. [via Joe's Blog]

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