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Hoosgot their Eye on hoosgot.com?

Dear LazyWeb, anyone know of a good HowTo on integrating a mac mini into an entertainment center? DVR, web video, music, etc? My TV does HDMI, component, and VGA, which will I want to use?

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Also, anyone been following hoosgot ? It's an interesting concept, it uses the technorati APIs and watches for the words “lazyweb” and “hoosgot”. It then aggregates all the blog posts on one page for people to find an answer. (Thus my question at the start of the entry.)

It's also available to be “queried” and tracked on twitter. Just follow @hoosgot.

They've already encountered spammers, and I have no idea if people are actually answering all those questions… but it's a really neat concept.

A bit like casting your questions out onto the ocean in a bottle, and waiting to see what floats back.

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