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AutoBlogger Update :: 0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 of AutoBlogger is now available.

This includes two changes, one bug fix and one new feature:

  • —from=aregexhere allows for simplistic “security” or running multiple blogs from one email account
  • The contents of the body are now handled more intelligently. Formerly, they were doing something screwy with newlines in messages (using stringify() on the mime body, as opposed to open()).
    It now handles line endings in a way that is intuitive to me: one new line is treated as white space, whereas two newlines in a row are replaced with <br /><br />

AutoBlogger Site: http://www.inarow.net/entries/projects/one_evening/autoblogger/
Grab it: Download Tarball or Anonymous SVN (svn co svn://inarow.net/trunk/autoblogger)

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